When Telling the Truth Leads to Loss

December 13, 2018

Sometimes telling the truth leads to loss.

It has a lot for me this last year.

I’ve seen this quote floating around… “if something can’t survive the truth, you never really had it to begin with.” That’s true sometimes, but not all of the time.

Truth is subjective, and it’s constantly changing and evolving.

Which means that our lives, work, and relationships are constantly changing and evolving as well. If telling the truth or showing up more fully leads to loss—whether that’s a relationship, aspect of your life or work, or a way of being—that doesn’t mean what you had before wasn’t real or true or aligned.

It just means it’s changed.
You’ve changed.

Sometimes telling the truth leads to loss, but that doesn’t make it wrong or bad.

In fact, what comes after the sadness, frustration, or heartache of that loss can be far more beautiful, connected, aligned, and more deeply fulfilling than what was lost. Yet that still doesn’t negate what came before.

It’s just different.
You’re different.

Sharing my thoughts on this in a new video… 💕

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