We’re Often Looking for Answers

October 12, 2017

We’re often looking for answers.

We want to know how to heal, how to uncover our passions and purpose, or whether or not we should stay in a job or relationship. We want to know how to grow our business and make more money, or how to stop battling with crippling anxiety and fear. We want to know a certain something and we want to know it now.

Sometimes the answers are right there and we get clarity for moving forward quickly. And sometimes the answers require play and experimentation. A gentle digging into what we’re drawn to and how we operate or respond. An uncovering of what makes us feel happy and whole, and what makes us feel frustrated and tense. A series of questions to feel into and possibilities to explore.

And sometimes the work requires us to face into things that feel totally irrelevant or unrelated. Things we don’t want to acknowledge or feel we don’t have time to look at.

There’s no one path or process.
There’s no right way that works for everyone.
There’s no clear map anyone can sell you.

There’s only you, doing the work each block, trauma, wound, or growth point requires you to do. No two paths to healing and growing are the same, not even when it’s the same person… and everything you’re facing in your life or health or work has an impact or effect on something else in your life or health or work.

The sooner you surrender to the process and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to—healing and clearing and growing along the way—the sooner you get what you desire. Though it may look nothing like you thought it would.

Trust the process.


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