You Can’t Live Your Fullest Expression if You’re Judging Other People’s

September 27, 2022

You can’t live your fullest expression if you’re judging other people’s because you’re operating from a paradigm that says there’s a way things should and shouldn’t be.

And often, when we believe there’s a fixed way things should be, we’re acting, being, and believing from the limits of our subconscious winning strategy.

You don’t have to like everyone.

You don’t have to vibe with their energy.

You don’t have to resonate with their message or utilize their body of work.

But do you judge how they show up?

Do you make it wrong, bad, weird, or the like?

Do you feel embarrassed for them?

If you do, that reflects everything you need to know about the limiting beliefs, deep-rooted fears, and narrow worldview that will hold YOU back — I guarantee it. And sometimes, it also shows how much you care about what’s considered “acceptable” in this world, or where you feel hindered in your expression and frustrated by those who aren’t.

Notice your judgments and the insight they hold. Don’t judge yourself for having judgments; you’re human, after all. But dig in deeper and see what’s there for you to unpack so that you can create more freedom to show up as your most aligned self, untangled from limiting beliefs and the heavy fear of judgment from others.

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