You’re Allowed to Feel the Way You Feel

July 2, 2019

You’re allowed to feel the way you feel.⁣
You don’t have to justify or explain it.⁣

I use the word ‘allowed’ intentionally, because when we have trauma or abuse, or we’ve been in toxic relationships with people who gaslit us, it’s hard to know sometimes.⁣

For me, it’s been a process to learn that I can feel how I feel. That maybe how I feel is real and true in this moment, rather than just a result of my ‘wounding’ or past. Maybe I’m triggered, but maybe that’s because the things that were said or done weren’t okay. Sometimes it’s just that simple and we don’t have to unpack all our ‘stuff’ to try and ‘fix ourselves’ so we don’t feel how we feel.⁣⁣

You’re allowed to feel the way you feel.⁣

You’re allowed to be angry when someone makes you mad.⁣
You’re allowed to feel hurt when something hurts you.⁣
You’re allowed to ask someone to stop when you want.⁣
You’re allowed to take space when that’s what you need.⁣
You’re allowed to say yes or no, to honor your preferences.⁣
You’re allowed to trust your gut, even if there’s no ‘proof’.⁣
You’re allowed to walk way from what no longer serves you.

You’re allowed to honor the truth of YOUR experience. ⁣⁣

Even if it doesn’t make sense, especially if someone else tries to make you feel bad or wrong because they’re not getting what they want. There doesn’t have to be a ‘valid reason’ by someone else’s standards or expectations. ⁣

You have permission to feel how you feel.⁣
To do what you need to do to take care of YOU.⁣

The first steps are cultivating more trust in yourself that you know your own heart and have a willingness to have your own back. To start honoring what feels real and true for you, in each and every moment. Not gaslighting yourself and allowing others to follow suit.⁣

You are allowed to feel the way you feel.⁣
Trust your heart, friend.⁣

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