A Complete Cellular Reset

July 13, 2022

Last night I woke up to a thunderstorm after passing out from feeling deeply exhausted around 5:30 pm.

I stood outside as it sprinkled and watched lightening color the sky, feeling more awake and alive than I have in a long time. Keenly aware of how much is shifting in me, my work, and my life, and how things will never be as they were before.

Nothing but gratitude for the journey.

Nothing but love for all the souls who shaped me along the way—good and bad, beautiful and heartbreaking—even if I never want to see or speak to some of them again. Nothing but expansive energy running through my entire being as I released what felt like the last bits of fear and resistance around this next evolution under that big, beautiful moon.

The remainder of the night was deep, much-needed rest, intuitive dreams, and what felt like a complete cellular reset.

Healing and growth work is full body, friends, not just mental and emotional. Our neurology and physiology change when we shift our energy and way of being in the world. There’s a lot of excitement and momentum, but sometimes it also requires rest, nourishment, and gentle, tender care.

I’m ready to bring it all to life rapidly over these next few months.

There’s so much next-level amazingness that will roll out this fall. I’ll give sneak peeks as I build everything out, and it’s taking a ton of self-control not to reveal the incredible vision and direction rightthisveryminute!!

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