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September 4, 2021

Around here, we’ve been able to enjoy some spectacular bluebird skies again with the shifting winds. It’s really very sad to see all the smoke each summer, and I’m always blown away by how beautiful it is when the skies re-emerge.

Around here, I had my third flat tire of the summer season. I’m proud to say I finally managed to get the lug nuts loose myself, but one of them was pretty dang stuck and wouldn’t come off no matter how much I threw my weight around (and bruised myself in the process). But it finally forced me to get myself some roadside assistance coverage. Turns out the bolt was fused to the nut and broke off with it… so that makes me feel better about why I couldn’t muscle it off myself. 😅

Around here, I found an incredible chiropractic clinic and got my first adjustment in over two years. He popped me in places that desperately needed it from all the spring and summer stressors, and also twisted me up in some interesting pretzels to open up my hips. All of it brought on huge emotional releases, which is always welcome. It means things are continuing to move and heal on deeper levels!

Around here, I’m getting more and more focused on content creation and strategic optimization and distribution. I’m looking at things I haven’t done in many years, along with digging into practices I’ve never considered or experimented with before. It’s been fun to allow the nerdy side of me to come out and play again!

Around here, I’m listening to the pings and nudges from the Universe and heading down some seriously interesting paths. My work is really about building up my trust muscle right now, and it’s feeling really good to hear something drop in, say okay, and act on it quickly. The reason certain things drop in is more obvious, and others feel entirely out of left field. Regardless, I’m trusting that new foundations are being laid and so excited for new paths to continue unfolding for me.

Around here, I’m still making time for co-working and benefiting from the presence of others while I work on my projects. People who love big ideas, are driven to create and catalyze change in the world, and can drop into the deeper internal pieces we must address to do our work in the world. I want to say I’m one lucky girl to have such incredible humans in my life, but I also know it’s a direct reflection of all the growth and healing I’ve done over the years and my willingness to be relentlessly open, honest, and vulnerable.

Around here, I’m unbelievably ready for fall. Partly because it will be cool and beautiful and full of planned excursions, but also because that means it’s almost winter and winter means it’s nearly time to leave. Never in my life have I been so ready to leave a place! I’m making the most of this time and truly feel it’s a beautiful cocooning period preparing me for what’s next. And I’m so ready to go.

Around here, I’m super excited about the content I’m creating. For the blog, but also things that are coming to life behind the scenes. My new Love Notes, the Journey Mapping workbook, and my next book. Getting off of social media has been a hugely transformational experience for my life and creativity. I’m back to using it, but only for distribution (which was one of those universal pings and nudges!)

Around here, there’s been heaps of self-care happening. From shifts in my diet to epsom baths to bodywork to loads of time lounging in bed. I moved some big, big things this past weekend (which I touched on in this week’s vlog), and I’m feeling it. It’s not as grief-filled or hard as this summer’s intense work, but it’s heavy and “weighty.” Filled with deep realizations that are changing e v e r y t h i n g. I love it! And oh so tired. So I’ve been gentle with myself and am looking forward to a low-key weekend at home (partly to avoid the holiday weekenders, haha).

Around here, I’m so proud of myself for all the ways I’ve faced my grief and healing in general. After my last relationship ended, I knew that my pattern of jumping into the next thing could easily activate (especially since it felt like it was over well before it was over). But I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to graduate from this level, really raise my self-worth, and move away from old parts of myself that kept me ending up in relationships with unavailable partners. Even when I met a great guy, I kept choosing myself and what I’m building right now. And as all the layers of deep stuff came up, I never shied away. I never hid in other people or work or anything else. I sat with it all, and it was awful. But now? I feel so free and at peace. I’m still moving through the layers, but absolutely certain I’m done with those old ways of being and wholly incapable of repeating my patterns.

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