The Most Profoundly Healing and Life-Giving Decision

November 19, 2022

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this has been the most profoundly healing and life-giving decision in all my years.

It’s healed the trauma of being/feeling alone in challenging situations after the last season of living in the mountain valley. The period where I met zero resonant humans, was in a relationship with a wholly unavailable man, and didn’t have access to city conveniences.

It’s taught me how to ask for support, especially from men, after years of being terrified because of abuse, manipulation, and control. More importantly, it’s taught me how to receive loads of regular, ongoing support with ease in my body and a sense of trust and security in myself and others.

It’s pieced my heart all the way back together after far too many years of living out of alignment with my truth. Trying to fit into the open spaces where other people wanted me, completely negating and abandoning myself and my desires over and over again.

The most healing thing we can do is commit to living fully aligned and fully expressed.

But it’s not the easiest thing we’ll ever do.

I’ve endured so many losses to stand where I am today—relationships, aspects of self, and my sense of security—because so much in my life before this year was wildly misaligned. So much was built from low self-worth, a shattered relationship with my truth, unresolved traumas, and core wounding that constantly led me astray.

For several years I took a stand for living my healing lessons out loud, showing people what it looks like to rise up and come back from the challenging chapters that tip us over and pour us out.

And now, my intention is to be an example of what’s possible on the other side. To show you that even though the losses are heartbreakingly hard to weather and the growth is excruciatingly uncomfortable and everything spins into a nauseating degree of disorientation—it’s worth it.

Really, truly, tangibly worth it.

And we will always be better, happier, and more fulfilled for choosing to do it.

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