A Conversation Around Capacity

November 18, 2022

Healing and growth have always been a conversation around capacity.

Not “what fits with my current capabilities and energetic availability,” but “what container is necessary for me to bring this next evolution to life, and who do I need to be to hold it?”

What needs to be cleared that’s holding me back or standing in the way?

Where do I need to release what’s not aligned to create more space, literally and energetically?

What do I need to believe is possible, and what actions do I need to take that stem from that expanded paradigm?

Way of being work is far more challenging than it sounds because it’s not enough to go through the motions and do things differently. You have to move from an entirely new worldview. You have to carry yourself through the experience as a wholly aligned person that’s an energetic match for what you’re trying to create.

People are more willing to do the work when deeper healing isn’t involved because it’s hard and uncomfortable and requires facing what you’re unwilling to face. Unresolved trauma, unprocessed grief, and stored emotions you thought you bypassed years ago.

But you can’t be the person you need to be to hold the necessary capacity for what you want if you’re still carrying forward all that’s old and limiting in your cells and nervous system. You can’t believe in alignment with your next evolution when your subconscious is still looping on the same old thoughts, worldviews, and strategies for “safety and success.” You can’t act from a wholly different foundation if you’re building on top of the base that’s barely holding what you have now.

I have no easy button for you.

But I do have process work, and this kind of healing is unlike anything you’ve tried before. It pulls your traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, and anything unprocessed out by the roots. And when these things are cleared, there’s more leverage to move in new ways. There’s more peace and freedom. More trust and belief and the ability to face into what you deeply desire without being anchored in the past, consciously or unconsciously.

You have nothing to lose by doing process work except what’s holding you back.

Message me, and let’s talk.

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