The Light Is Still There, Even When You Can’t See It

December 20, 2022

The light is still there, even when you can’t see it.

The joy still pulses through life, even when you can’t access it. The person you’re here to be still exists, even when you can’t find them, no matter how hard you fight.

The darkness…

The feeling lost and disoriented

The heaviness of existing in this plane…

The despair and hopelessness…

They’re all one side of a whole.

Darkness cannot be perceived without light. Heaviness cannot be felt without the contrast of peace and joy. You cannot know that you are lost if you don’t have some sense, no matter how small and distant, of what it is to be whole, aligned, and fulfilled.

But intellectually knowing this isn’t enough, not when we’re at the bottom of our bottom. Not when everything we thought knew to be true has unraveled, and our sense of self has come completely undone. Not when the grief is so heavy, and the trauma still reverberates through our bones with a deafening pain.

I get it.

Truly, I do.

As we deepen into the darkest days of the year during a season that’s challenging for so many, I just want to remind you that all you desire still exists. All you so desperately seek is still 100% accessible to you. You’re not so lost that you can’t be found again. Your life is not so much of a mess that it can’t be rebuilt in a beautiful and fulfilling new direction. You’re not so broken that you can’t piece yourself back together and find a joy and sense of purpose like you’ve never known.

All that feels heavy and hard is one side of a whole, and all you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep breathing. Keep taking it moment by moment. Ask for help. Rest when you need. Trust in the light that you can’t see but once experienced. Trust in the seed of your purpose and that life is only shaping you more fully. Trust that, one day, this season will give way to the next.

And if you can’t find that trust, know that I’m here holding it with full faith for you.

Darkness always gives way to light.

Goodbyes always lead to new hellos.

Endings always prompt new beginnings.

Yours are coming.

That I know for sure.

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