Never Let Anyone Tell You How Your Healing Should Look

December 17, 2022

Healing is always possible, and I’m grateful for the reflections that what I feel has shifted internally is now visible to those around me.

This year—this person I’ve become in the last several months especially—is so different.

I feel it on a cellular level.

I’m a whole new person, down to my bones.

Last winter, two people closest to me shamed me for being at my bottom. For sitting in it “too long” and not focusing on what they thought I should, when they thought I should. They made me wrong for trusting my process and tried to make me doubt what I knew in my heart I needed to do.

I let go of their hands and stayed the course.

I knew that dropping into the bottom of my bottom, the depths of my trauma and wounding, would set me free—for good—from a season of living that shattered my soul.

I was right, and the fruits of that decision are no longer visible to only me; they’re constantly reflected by those around me. By the people and opportunities arriving in my life. By how my body, business, and life are changing and aligning more deeply.

Never let anyone tell you how your healing should look or how quickly you should move.

Never let anyone make you wrong for trusting your heart and following your unique process.

Never let anyone shame you for not being who they think you should be.

Aspects of healing can be accelerated, and some things still take the time they take. Guidance and support are available, and you’re still the one who has to peel yourself off the floor and take each terrifying step forward—plus, you’re the only one who can discern what’s right and true for you.

Healing is always possible.

And I’m endlessly grateful to year-ago-me who not only dared to trudge through the depths of her darkness for as long as it took to truly heal but remained undeterred by the people who worked so hard to derail her for their own comfort and desires. It was one of the hardest things I’ve navigated through, considering the people involved, but I’m infinitely better for it.

Trust your heart.

Trust your process.

Stay the course.

There’s so much light at the end of the tunnel.

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