Allowing What’s Shifted to Anchor Into Your Cells

December 16, 2022


The process of allowing what’s shifted to anchor into your cells.

Making space for what’s new to become assimilated, forever embedded into your way of being, believing, and moving.

I had some magical experiences on Maui that I’m still integrating.

I felt massively expanded, navigated through deep awarenesses, and welcomed new levels of clarity. I came home to myself more fully while releasing additional layers of stored grief and trauma.

This year has been colored with so many tears. Grief, yes, as old wounds healed and I made sense of past experiences. But also tears of expansion, gratitude, and joy. Big waves of emotion as I notice just how “back” I am, how aligned and beautiful my life has become, and how everything I left behind made space for more, better, and different to now come in.

There’s grief in growth… not always, but often.

For a long time, my grief was heavy. It was hard to wade through and clear the residue of everything I walked through over these last eight years. It was difficult to face and process all the trauma and abuse still stored in my cells. It was uncomfortable and unsettling to repattern my core wounds and subconscious programming. It took conscious choice and continual effort to raise my self-worth and reclaim the person I lost.

But I did it.

And I’m happy to report that the heaviness does give way to peace and ease. The tears become those of joy and gratitude—for all that’s coming into my sphere and for the way life shaped me along the way.

This work isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it.

Eight years.

The journey of a lifetime, one I’d never wish on anyone, yet I’m so grateful to stand where I am today. I’m so proud of who I’ve chosen to become. And I’m unbelievably filled up by this life I now get to live.

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