The Most Important Facet of Legacy

October 16, 2022

Our legacy is how we’re remembered after we’re gone, but our egos tend to muck up what that really means.

Most humans feel like legacy only matters if others remember our name or hold our creations and contributions in high regard.

And, sure.

That’s pretty cool.

But there’s tremendous freedom and power in seeing our legacy as the ripple effects we create in the world, the ones that live on long after we’re gone, echoing through time with no attachment to our names at all.

This ripple is created by living our full expression because being who we’re here to be and doing the world we feel called to do (which “work” isn’t always what we believe it is either) is a contribution in and of itself.

In being your fullest expression, you’ll impact and inspire others, you’ll shape future generations for centuries to come, and you’ll add beauty to the world in ways you may never fully see, understand, or be recognized for. Who you are being is a gift, a contribution the the people and world around you.

How do you want to be remembered after you’re gone? And when I ask this, I mean: what will be better about the world simply because you existed as your truest self? How do you want your memory and impact to live on in the cells, traditions, and culture of people generations beyond you?

Not necessarily your family line because not all of us want or will have children. But your existence still affects the people around you, even strangers in the supermarket that you never notice or directly interact with.

This is our most important legacy.

And full expression is our most important work.

Because when we’re living out true purpose, we’re giving to the world in the way we’ve always been wired to give. Which matters a whole lot, now more than ever.

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