Curiosity Is Key to Making the Impossible Happen, When Used Correctly

October 11, 2022

The past is wholly irrelevant to what’s possible going forward… when you heal and clear the deeper pieces that keep you hooked in.

At any moment, you can choose to release everything that’s come before and be unencumbered by the circumstances surrounding you. You can exist right here, right now, right where you are, and see it as the blank canvas it is, shifting the odds in your favor around what you desire.

That doesn’t mean your circumstances won’t still be challenging—it’s not a magic pill or a hard reset button. It means you’ll create the leverage necessary to move through struggles with more ease, and you’ll open more pathways and possibilities that weren’t available to you before.

But you won’t choose the ways of being, paradigms, and deep presence necessary for this shift if you’re still clinging to the past.

In truth, you often can’t choose them if you’re unaware of the deeper core wounds, unresolved traumas, subconscious winning strategies, and limiting beliefs that shape your worldview and determine your path.

The first step is to believe the truth that quantum leaps happen all the time as a result of coming into the present moment and organizing yourself around what you desire, free and clear of everything that’s come before.

You don’t have to be able to do it yet.

You just have to believe it’s possible.

Why? Because when you believe it, you’re more likely to get curious about why you can’t do it if it’s a struggle. And inside of that curiosity, you’ll start to notice your patterns for self-sabotage. You’ll become aware of all the places you freeze, succumb to fear, or spiral into stories. You’ll start to see the limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and all the places trauma still holds you hostage.

And let me tell you, friend… when you allow yourself to go beyond curiosity and deep into these challenging and uncomfortable revelations, you uncover the keys necessary to unlock a quantum leap.

Quantum leaps aren’t just about making a lot of money quickly, as most coaches will have you believe (though I’ve had this happen to me more than once on my journey). It’s about a shift in perception that alters our experience of life and causes the world to reconfigure around us. It’s about creating massive freedom and leverage and transforming your circumstances by making micro-shifts in your way of being.

But to do this…

You have to be aware of what keeps you hooked into the past.

You must be willing to see what stands in your way, causes you to wobble and get derailed, or keeps you stuck where you are—and understand what a gift it is to see them.

The experiences themselves may not be or feel like a gift.

The work of untangling and healing them may not be easy in the least.

But being aware of what’s keeping you tied where you are is a massive gift. It’s your key to freedom and leverage. It’s the insight and information you need to transform your world rapidly.

So… do you believe it’s possible to create a quantum leap by coming into this moment and organizing yourself around what you desire, free and clear of everything that’s come before?

If yes, what’s keeping you from making the past irrelevant, and how will you start to deepen into your work clear this block? Where will you get support, ask for help, or get in the tools and resources you need?

If not, why don’t you believe it’s possible? And are you willing to at least begin working with that belief, fear, or block as a start? Because I promise you this, the reason you don’t believe it’s possible is a key in and of itself. Digging more deeply into it vs. using it as a reason to write off the possibility altogether will open you and your world to so much.

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