It Terrifies Me Every Day to Lean In

September 14, 2022

We’re going deep this week in Actualize into what it takes to create alignment in ourselves so we can show up as our fullest expression.

Today we’re talking subconscious programming, winning strategies, and how to shift our way of being to move impossibilities into possibilities and onto realities.

I love this work so much.

It’s life-giving and expanding like nothing else.

It creates the space, leverage, and freedom to make rapid transformations throughout our experience and shift situations that haven’t budged in years despite our best efforts.

The mission of my next evolution is big.

So big that it terrifies me every day to explore and lean into. It activated my self-sabotaging behaviors, core wounds, and oldest traumas.

But I have space and leverage.

I understand the subconscious pieces.

I have tools and resources.

I get the support I need.

I hold myself accountable.

I continually raise my standards.

We can create more than slow, incremental changes in our life. We can experience true quantum leaps in every sense of the phrase. We can wake up tomorrow in an entirely different reality regardless of circumstances.

It’s not magical, wishful thinking.

It’s a process.

One we learn to live fully, not just follow.

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