What’s Coming for My Brand Is So Different

September 12, 2022

What’s coming for my brand and business is so different, yet so very aligned.

Every day I work on clarifying aspects of my content, visuals, marketing, and offerings. And every day I navigate unhooking from old ways of being that try to take over.

Stepping into a new evolution—my fullest expression in life and business—is challenging and confronting work. I have to look at why I’m still compelled to do and be in ways I’ve shown up in for years when it no longer serves the greater vision.

Why I’m afraid to let go of certain practices and offerings.

Why I wobble with some decisions and not others.

Why I’m confused and struggling to make certain decisions where I am.

But I’m moving through it all, and the vision just gets more and more incredible.

I’m being very intentional with every aspect, including not sharing much of this process. It’s an interesting space to be, holding a whole new vision that will activate one day like flipping a switch while still feeling compelled to show up online without sharing the new visuals, content, and voice. It’s like knowing you’re going to change your wardrobe and having all the pieces picked out that feel so very you, but still walking around in your old style until it’s time (funny because I do have a whole new wardrobe picked out!)

Some things will launch in early November, giving a peek into what’s coming. Most things will launch later… December, maybe January (because I’m doing this WELL and RIGHT, which means not rushing certain “make or break” elements of the branding, content, and marketing).

I’m so excited about this.

It’s been some of the most healing and growth-oriented work of my life. It’s asked me to face every place I’m not aligned with the me who can hold this evolution and innovation and to do the work to clear what’s standing in the way. Old traumas and fears, small thinking and limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and ways I “play it safe.”

I’m living my work more fully than ever.

And soon, you’ll see the fruits of that labor.

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