What I’m Most Grateful for Right Now

November 8, 2022

“What are you most grateful for in your life right now?” I was asked on a podcast interview this morning.

“My relationship with myself,” I answered immediately.


Because it’s what has allowed me to create a life that feels deeply fulfilling and aligned. Because facing myself and my traumas at a deeper level healed me so thoroughly that I now experience a profound sense of peace and trust. Because understanding and loving myself has given me leverage to create true freedom (in every sense of the word) and cultivate more fulfilling relationships. Because trusting my intuition and voice led me to create a new body of work that lights me up and impacts sweet souls worldwide. Because being in relationship to my purpose allowed incredible visions and inspiring directives to come through.

Whatever you want to create, the work to bring it to life requires deep alignment—first. It requires knowing and working with yourself. It asks you to anchor into desires rooted in your fullest expression and how you’re called to contribute. It demands facing, processing, and healing everything holding you back.

And… it requires letting go of any and everything that’s no longer aligned: people, aspects of self, career paths, and our sense of safety and security. Plus, you have to sit inside the voids these things leave behind for as long as it takes for the new bits to arrive.

The deaths aren’t easy.

But the rebirths are spectacular.

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