This Year of 38 Is All About Reemergence

November 9, 2022

Today’s my 38th birthday.

Usually I write a long post about what I experienced and learned, but this year I don’t need to.

37 was the best year of my life, but I no longer have the compulsion to shout all the details and lessons learned from the social media rooftops. I don’t have this compulsion because I healed so intentionally at levels I could never quite reach before. I lived with profound presence inside each moment, rather than online and for other people. I cleaned up every energetic leak and remnant from past losses and traumas, laying an entirely new foundation for myself and my life. I fell in love with holding things more closely to my heart, and my life is far richer for it. I’m far happier and my business is far better for it, too.

There are so many moments in my days where I bathe in the gratitude of this life I’m living. Where I am, who I’m surrounded by, what I’m building, and who I’m becoming — it’s all immensely fulfilling and aligned.

I honestly don’t have the words to explain what my experience is like right now. I wish I did, and I’ll definitely find them for my next book.

For now, I’m just living it.

Every year around my birthday a new guiding word drops in.

Last year my word was undeniable, and goodness if that theme didn’t lead me to clear everything standing in the way of my magnetism and fullest expression. It forced me to heal and grow and learn so rapidly, and I’m humbled by the fruits that guiding word produced.

This year of 38 is all about reemergence, “the process of coming into sight or prominence once more.”

And while some words (like last year) are more about laying a foundation and clearing a path, this year’s theme is quite literal. I’ve been immersed in the most incredible cocoon, and my plans for 2023 are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from me. Honestly, they’re unlike anything this industry has ever seen before. The reemergence will be spectacular (and terrifyingly soul-stretching for me, haha!), and I cannot wait to share the many pieces that will come over this next year.

Here’s to 38. 🥳

(And thank you so much for being on the journey with me. It truly means the world.)

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