Some Things Come Before We’re Ready

March 7, 2022

Some things come before we’re ready, and that means we have a choice:

Get ready, fast. Or accept that we’re not ready, and put a growth and healing plan in place to get there.

This, as always, requires discernment.

Only you know for sure where you’re at.

That said, sometimes what we think is true about where we’re at isn’t actually the case. Sometimes our mind gets in the way and convinces us of all the reasons why we should stop, go back, or give up entirely. Knowing when we’re self-sabotaging requires a tremendous amount of self-awareness and honesty.

There have certainly been times when I believed I wasn’t ready when really I was unconsciously making excuses so I could stay at a comfortable level.

On the flip side, there have also been times where I’ve convinced myself to just “mind over matter” my way through the blocks, and that was all it would take. Only to realize midway through my efforts that I really was not ready in the least.

Understanding fear is essential during these times.

If we’re afraid of failure, success, judgment, discomfort, or loss… we often convince ourselves that we’re just not ready and need more time, training, or growth. Or we decide to go after something different altogether.

If we’re afraid of missing out, operating from a place of lack and scarcity that this is our “one and only” chance at what we want… we often convince ourselves to “get over it” and move into action when we’re not ready.

Fear is a natural byproduct of growth and change.

Fear is a natural response, even when we get what we desire.

That’s because if we’re trying to go for more, make impossible things happen, and show up fully expressed, there’s risk and change involved. Sometimes those risks and changes are massive, making it obvious why we feel so afraid. Sometimes they’re small and subtle, and it seems silly that we’d ever self-sabotage.

But risk and change mean one thing to our subconscious:

The potential of death.

And it will go into overdrive, convincing us to stay exactly where we are right now, even if where we are is miserable and painful beyond belief.

So, more often than not, fear will convince us that we’re not ready when we are. Fear will tell us to stay put and take the easy route when we actually need to ask for help and support to move ourselves forward. But I would be remiss to leave it at that because sometimes we’re just not ready, and fear is pushing us forward from a place of lacking trust in ourselves and the abundance of the universe.


Which feels true for you?

Where does your mind chime in and say “noooo, not me” as a means of avoidance?

Where do you feel a resonance in your body around what’s true for you?

Get support if you need it.

Sometimes we need another person to act as an unbiased mirror.

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