I Tripped, Fell, and Came Sliding Into 2023

February 12, 2023

I feel like I sort of tripped, fell, and came sliding into 2023…

Between losing my uncle, both my cats passing five days apart, and the beautiful but disorienting newness of so many wonderful things now present in my life.

I stayed steady, tuned in, and joyful through it all, but it also grabbed my focus and required my energy at levels I hadn’t anticipated.

And now…

Now I feel like myself again after intentionally getting outside and reconnecting to my soul in the silence of this beautiful land I’ve been grateful to call home again for the last year.

Now I’m clearer than I’ve ever been on what I’m building and who I need to be to bring it all to life more rapidly than anything before.

Now I’m feeling more supported and resourced, wholeheartedly held and divinely led in the directions I need to go.

Now we’re about to start navigating the path this year was always meant to guide us down.

So much new is coming.

And I’ll be revealing it all to you in layers.

One invitation, one experience, and one conversation at a time, I’m going to call you forward into your fullest expression and most fully aligned life. I’m going to introduce you to incredible people who will further catalyze your callings and contributions in ways I could never do for you on my own.

And together, we’re all going to begin revolutionizing the industry and creating true, lasting transformation in our world—simply by stepping more deeply into who we were always put here to be.

Are you ready?

Because I’m fired up and so ready to start sharing all that’s been brewing in my heart for the last several months.

My writing has moved to Substack!

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