Life Has Been Stretching Me Lately

February 8, 2023

Life has been stretching me lately in all the ways I asked for.

I knew this year—this evolution and reemergence—would ask more from me than any prior season. I spent the last few months mentally and energetically preparing for what I knew was coming.

Except I didn’t know.

Not really.

I didn’t know that a single, random phone call would expand the possibilities and open so many new pathways for me, my life, and my work. I didn’t know that everything about my experience would be wildly different over several weeks time, from losing both of my beloved cats to accepting new opportunities and saying yes to the things I called in.

“I feel stretched” is a truth I share with the ones I love nearly every day.

But it’s not a bad stretch.

It’s not damaging or depleting to my soul.

It’s expansive, and sometimes (oftentimes) expansion is uncomfortable and unsettling in ways that are all things life-giving and good. It can be intense and fulfilling at disorienting levels that allow you to adjust and grow rapidly. It builds your muscle for doing big, seemingly impossible things while increasing your capacity for trust, love, and joy.

Life has been stretching me lately, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

In fact, rather than asking for things to slow down, I’m leaping in wholeheartedly (not leaning—leaping). I’m adapting to the many changes and sprinting toward every beautiful possibility in front of me.

I can’t wait to share the things I’m building right now and the people I’m building with.

I can’t wait for you to see these real, extraordinary, tangible examples of what becomes possible when we’re willing to dig into our healing work, stop settling for less than we deserve, and organize our whole selves around what we deeply desire.

Life opens to us.

The right people appear.

The opportunities are plentiful.

And the possibilities are endless.

New things are coming, friends.

So many new, incredible things.

Stay tuned!!

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