To Work With Me Is to Learn Discernment

February 6, 2023

To work with me is to learn discernment.

It’s a word I’ll say with intentional repetition until it anchors into every fiber of your being and my voice echoes in your mind. A reminder I’ll preach with persistence until it becomes your default way of making decisions, sorting through feelings, and finding clarity inside your most maddening moments.

Discernment is something no one else can do for us because no one else can exist inside our experience. No one else knows what’s true for us or when we’re spiraling inside old traumas and core wound stories. No one else can tell us what’s real or reasonable.

This is a practice that requires immense self-awareness and deep trust, an unwavering commitment to having your own back. It asks you to believe your intuition despite a lack of circumstantial evidence that what you’re feeling or picking up on is happening.

My job as a coach isn’t to tell my clients what’s going on for them; it’s to present the possibilities and create a safe container to land in what feels true. To help clear everything that’s standing between them and their ability to hear and heed their body’s innate and profound wisdom.

Most importantly, my job is to help them step into new ways of being that honor who they are now and who they’re working to become.

Discernment is a lesson we deepen into over time. A choice point we’ll find ourselves standing at time and time again. To trust or gaslight ourselves. To fiercely have our own back or abandon our truth. To claim our desires and set boundaries that honor our hearts or to make ourselves wrong.

It’s a muscle I’ve worked hard to build in myself over the last several years after I gave my power away to the friends and mentors around me. Well-meaning souls who got things really wrong because they didn’t truly understand my experience, hear my heart, or know how to give unbiased reflections.

Discernment means to judge well.

To understand your perceptions and sift through your stories and interpretations to find truth.

But truth is subjective.

And only you can say what’s true for you.

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