When I Was a Child, I Learned to Be Small

February 4, 2023

When I was a child, I learned to be small.

I learned to be quiet and take up less space, to be imperceptible to those around me. And if I was going to be seen, it would be in the most palatable and acceptable form possible.

I spent much of my life tucking myself into the open spaces people wanted to place me in. Being the best version of whatever was wanted or needed in order to stay safe, feel chosen, and quiet the core wound stories that told me I was unlovable down to my bones.

It cost me so much.

For so many seasons of my life.

It broke me down to the point that I decided enough was finally enough, and I spent the last two years laying the foundation for an epic reemergence. In many ways, it’s actually a brand new reveal—the sharing of parts of me I’ve never fully exposed. I stripped away any and everything that wasn’t right and true for me. I healed my heart, restored my spirit, and aligned every aspect of my life. I shared some of it as I’ve gone, but much remained behind closed doors and close to my heart, waiting for the right time to be revealed.

And now it’s time.

To stop playing small.

To stop operating at a fraction of my abilities.

To stop being cautious and quiet.

It’s time to reemerge, a loud and resounding theme that dropped in for this year.

I intend to take up so much space that my presence, message, and contributions are undeniable in the most impactful ways. To be loud about what matters and unwavering around what’s important to my heart. For my existence to be a clear stand for full expression and absolute alignment. To tell the stories I’m here to tell in ways that create resonance in your soul, all so that you can step into your truest, more purposeful self.

It’s going to stretch us all so much.

And I cannot wait to see what becomes possible—what transforms in our world—because of it.

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