All in Is an Openness Unlike Anything Else

February 3, 2023

All in—a feeling I’ve never understood until now.

A frequency that feels far more expansive than it does risky, despite the potential for loss or hurt.

Going all in requires deep alignment and a whole lot of trust. In yourself. In others. In life supporting you and your highest good. Trust in your desires and your intuitive yes.

If it’s not aligned, you’ll always be wobbly and uncertain, with one foot “safely” out the door. You’ll hold backup plans close to your heart with several options waiting in the wings.

If there’s no trust, you’ll always be resistant, and it will be hard to fully open (making it impossible to receive all that’s good and beautiful). You’ll fight against what you claim to be leaning into, creating immense tension and dis-ease.

I’ve never been all in before now because the people, experiences, and opportunities I was told I should be all in around weren’t right for me. They weren’t what I wanted or where I was supposed to be. They were chosen for or forced upon me, or I didn’t have the strength and courage to stand firm in my no.

Being all in doesn’t guarantee that the outcome is worth the risk, but it’s the only way to ensure you turn possibility into reality and experience exactly how incredible it can be. It’s the only way you can know with certainty that you gave everything you had to see something through to its fullest potential.

You can be afraid and still be all in.

But you can’t have doubt.

Because doubt is a frequency of closure and resistance. Doubt poisons all that’s clean and pure, making your perception and intuition muddy and unclear. It causes you to leave your body and get stuck inside your mind, looping with limiting beliefs, replaying old traumas, and questioning every little thing.

All in is a frequency.

It’s an openness unlike anything else.

A willingness to risk it all in order to see just how beautiful, successful, and fulfilling things can become.

A wholehearted leap into what calls you, rather than a cautious and withholding dipping of the toe.

What’s stopping you from being all in?


Only you know for sure when something’s not for you and when you’re holding back out of fear and doubt.

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