In the Spring of 2021, the Universe Went Silent

February 2, 2023

In the spring of 2021, the universe went silent.

My intuition had been screaming that I didn’t belong—in the relationship, the mountain valley, and every aspect of my life and work.

It bellowed loudly every day, but I didn’t listen. I didn’t know how to trust myself or where I was supposed to go. I was beaten down, disconnected, and constantly spiraling in crazy-making experiences that left me so anxious I could hardly breathe.

So the universe went silent. The downloads stopped coming, and the nudges were nonexistent. Everything slowed to a halt, and I was forced to face myself at entirely new levels with a commitment unmatched by any prior healing season.

Slowly but surely (by doing the work), the channel reopened, and by the fall of 2021, I started saying yes.

To all the divine downloads and intuitive nudges that wouldn’t leave me be. To the crazy ideas along with the massive risks and transitions they required. I heard each call and leaned in wholeheartedly because I had nothing to lose except stagnation, depression, and misaligned experiences.

I sold nearly everything I owned.

I moved home to New Mexico.

I bought a camper.

I paid off debt and invested in my health.

I launched so many new things.

I healed and opened my heart.

I said yes to what was a yes, no matter how crazy it seemed or how absurd the timeline. Regardless of whether current circumstances supported the possibilities and with zero concern for social norms or expectations. I said yes (which required saying no to what was a no). I leaped and leaned in. I trusted myself and those around me. I let life lead me to where I was meant to be.

Today, life is really, amazingly good.

And I’m insanely grateful that I set my fears aside and settled into the kind of unwavering trust and faith that allowed what I’m experiencing right now to become not just possible but a reality I’m actively living.

Energetics and strategic, aligned actions—a combination that collapses timelines and accelerates the actualization of our fullest expression and most fulfilling life.

Are you ready to figure out what this means for you?

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