I Committed to Saying No More Quickly

January 19, 2023

Last year, I committed to saying no more quickly because everything I’ve ever “seen through” after I felt an intuitive no… stayed a no.

In fact, these people, experiences, and things often turned into hell-effin-no’s in ways that harmed my heart and broke my spirit.

I would try so hard to prove myself wrong, but my intuition was always right. And so I decided the second I felt a no, I would speak it.

It was hard at first.

Honestly, sometimes it still is.

I had years of conditioning from other people that made me believe I was the problem. Far too many of their voices rattled around in my head, shouting that I was fearful, avoidant, and overthinking or that my experience wasn’t grounded in reality (hellooooo gaslighting).

But they were wrong.

I’m not afraid of the things that are right for me, even when they’re unfamiliar and soul-stretching in deeply expansive ways.

I’m not avoidant when spaces are safe and people are good-hearted, when I feel seen, heard, held, and cared for, met at the deepest levels.

I only overthink myself into push-pull situations when I’m ignoring my intuitive no and trying to fit with what and who isn’t aligned.

My experience is real and valid, and my intuition is always spot on.

Over the last two years, the universe asked me to surrender into trust at a level I had never allowed myself to go. Trust in life, in others, and in my callings. Trust in myself and my inner knowing.

Learning to deepen into trust has transformed my life.

Not just incremental changes and slow improvements around what I was already experiencing or what I already knew to be possible, but an actual metamorphosis and transmutation of every aspect of myself and my life.

True and rapid quantum leaps where seemingly small decisions and shifts in my way of being altered my reality… sometimes overnight.

Here’s the thing, friends:

Our bodies are wiser than we are.

We just have to learn to work *with* them. We have to build trust in ourselves and our inner knowing. We have to be brave and say no to what’s not aligned far more quickly and confidently, even when we’re scared and especially when it’s hard.

We will always be better and happier for it.

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