I Am Not the Person I Was a Year Ago

January 14, 2023

Colorado held me through the most challenging seasons of my life.

It gave me an incredible community, healing team, and so many opportunities for growth.

And as I roll out after visiting this beautiful place that was home to so many versions of self, I feel grateful.

The woman who left this state almost a year ago is no longer here. This trip made that undeniably apparent. She was broken down, but she was brave. She leaped headfirst into so many unknowns and dropped into the depths of her trauma and wounds to finally heal. She made incredible sacrifices and took insane risks. She learned to move with tremendous faith despite terrifying uncertainty and so many challenging circumstances that any sane person would’ve doubted. And when the time came, she died so that this next evolution could be birthed.

I am not the person I was the last time I stood under Colorado’s foggy winter skies.

Not even close.

And goodness, I’m so very ready for this reemergence that’s been brewing inside my heart.

It’s going to be amazing.

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