This Universe We Live In Is on Our Side

December 26, 2022

The other day I was listening to a message from a friend who’s been deep in healing and growth work with me.

I could feel myself resisting the truth in her words as my mind spooled up reasons she was wrong.

And then I remembered something I said earlier this spring after a challenging winter:

“I wish I’d listened sooner.”

I wish I’d listened the second my intuition said no, rather than trying to prove it wrong or cling to the people and things I knew in my soul weren’t right for me. I wish I’d listened to the friends who echoed what my gut already knew rather than running into the fire to learn the lessons the hard way. I wish I’d listened to every tiny nudge and bit of guidance that dropped in without resistance, despite the fear, and without needing to know why or what would happen next. I wish I’d listened to the ongoing message that all I had to do was settle into clean, clear trust rather than resist the support life always held.

And so I listened to my friend immediately because I knew she was right. I knew she was reflecting what my gut had already said.

I listened.

I acted swiftly.

And, as always, life opened to me. Life gave me a gift of an experience and connection I wouldn’t have registered had I not let go of what wasn’t aligned for me—with full trust. Life reminded me, yet again, that all I have to do is heal what’s standing in my way and release what’s no longer aligned with full faith that what I deeply desire is possible. All I have to do is surrender with an open heart and a clear intention around where I’m headed.

This universe we live in is on our side.

Inherent to its existence is full support to grow into our fullest expression. It’s not punishing us when we’re lacking trust and lost in fear and clinging to lower-frequency experiences; we’re simply not in harmony. We’re not working *with* it.

My intention is never again to say, “I wish I’d listened sooner,” and instead, to deepen into my practice of trust with openness. To continue clearing what blocks this ability and commit to experimenting with just how expansive life can become as a result.

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