We Have to Move Differently

November 4, 2022

Defaulting to our winning strategy—the way of being, acting, and responding that we believe produces safety, security, and success—never creates the outcomes we truly desire.

The ones we do desperately want that feel impossible and out of reach.

We have to move differently.

No, “I know, I will when _______.”


In the midst of chaos.

Regardless of your fear.

Despite the risks.

And as we move differently, we have to BE different. We have to be the person who has the things we want, acting and responding as them. Fully embodied and energetically aligned with full faith and confidence. With total commitment to creating new results even when circumstances tell us we can’t.

Holding that way of being despite any consequences that may occur by moving differently and understanding that they’re not “good” or “bad;” consequences are just things that happen as a result of other things happening. We want a different outcome, so if, in moving differently, we lose the job, the partner, the opportunity, etc., we know it’s just an act of deeper alignment with the things we do want, and we trust the process.

This is work most adamantly refuse to do.

They tell me I don’t understand the risks, their circumstances are different and more difficult, and the time will be right when things feel easier or more accessible.

But the longer you wait, the more deeply you dig your heels into your winning strategy, and by default, the further you push away the outcomes you really desire.

It’s just how it works.

You have to leave behind the strategies you believe keep you safe, secure, and successful—totally and completely. They’re 100% the reason you aren’t getting what you really want. Guaranteed. You have to learn a new way of engaging with the world.

Right now, not someday.

Message me if you’re ready.

Because I know exactly how to support you (I’ve been living and experimenting with this process in my life and with my incredible clients for several years.)

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