You Can Tell You’ve Grown When You Respond Differently

November 22, 2022

They say you can tell you’ve grown when you start responding to old situations differently.

And goodness if November hasn’t been a spectacular show of how far I’ve come this year.

I’m a whole different person when it comes to old situations and traumas, navigating through experience after experience with stronger steadiness, deeper honesty, and clearer boundaries. Unwavering around what’s important to me and actively building a life and relationships that are fully aligned. Happier, more secure in myself and what I want, and free from old fears and doubts.

I’m grateful for where I’ve been and how everything shaped me (not necessarily that it happened, but what I chose to do in the aftermath and everything I learned and became). I’m thankful for every moment that broke me down and cracked me open. For every bottom that stripped away anything that no longer served me. For the absurd and epic ending to a season that was stagnant, painful, and colored by unexpected traumas and losses.

What’s coming next wouldn’t exist without everything that’s come before, and there’s something beautifully heartbreaking about the duality of living this life. Of walking this journey and winding my way through every experience along the way.

I don’t think anyone can guess what’s coming in 2023.

I certainly couldn’t have until very recently.

And I’m so, so excited for this reemergence and everything that will come with it.

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