Two Modalities That Have Transformed My Life

January 21, 2023

Process work and systems thinking.

Two modalities that have transformed my life and reshaped my body of work in truly liberating ways.

They’ve given me the necessary leverage to stand steady inside the stress points of growth, healing, and making seemingly impossible things happen. To feel fully resourced, confidently clear, and unwavering in my purpose regardless of the circumstances or chaos life throws my way.

I did good work when I started this business 13 years ago, but it was limited. It lacked depth, was far from trauma-informed, and was even harmful at times due to my lack of understanding of systems and their role in living our purpose, going after our goals, or creating a life that feels fully aligned for us. I know this because the words inside my first Awesome Life Tips book fell flat for me and created frustration, confusion, and doubt when I found myself navigating grief, trauma, abuse, and all the challenges of rising up and coming back from the darkest nights of my soul.

So I deepened into the work.

I learned more about trauma and healing than I ever wanted to know. I sat through intense trainings and surrendered into confronting and gutting processes. I worked with any and every modality that crossed my path so that I could free myself from everything limiting and old that weighed me down. I faced myself more fully and dropped into the bottom of my bottom to pull my wounds out by their roots.

I continue to immerse myself in the work.

Because the work is never done, and there’s always room for more growth and healing.

There are a lot of trainings I still want and need to take to be the more effective teacher, mentor, and coach I’m called to be. To innovate the industry in much-needed ways.

There are many corners of my mind, layers of conditioning, and blind spots in my thinking, programming, and worldview that need to be called out, unpacked, and rewired.

But I keep showing up.

I keep committing to ongoing learning and growth.

I continue clearing on a cellular level.

I allow myself to be a beginner again and again.

And I’m (and my work is) infinitely better for it.

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