I Always Knew 2023 Would Be Different

January 30, 2023

I always knew 2023 would be different; I felt it in my bones.

I knew that all the painstaking work I’d been doing since two springs prior would stack upon itself until every last bit of my life was made new. Until everything left broken in me became whole again.

I had no doubts.

Yet I also couldn’t have predicted or scripted the storyline I’m living right now—and that’s the gift of wholeheartedly leaning into what feels like a resounding yes to our soul.

We don’t have to know how it will all unfold; we just have to trust in our yes and our ability to navigate whatever comes next because when we choose this life, it chooses us back.

When we heal our hearts and piece our shattered selves back together, we align with the people and experiences meant for us.

Even better, we get to be fully present, engaged in, and joyful through it all. There’s no fear. There’s no resistance or anxiety. There are no old patterns and wounding cropping up or pulling us off course.

There’s just saying yes…

…to the things we called in.

…to the expansive opportunities.

…to the big visions and goals.

…to the lives we feel called to live.

…to the person we’re here to be.

We can heal and be happy and have the things we deeply desire; we just have to do the work. We have to lean into our yeses while facing what’s hard and what hurts until there’s nothing old lingering in our cells.

One day soon, I’ll tell you the story of this past weekend in Tampa.

And in the coming months, you’ll see the fruits of these past two years of deep, intense healing work in forms that will blow your mind and expand what you believe is possible. And everything I create will be built from the new mission that vibrates loudly through every cell of my being: to show you what’s possible when you’re willing to dig in and do the deeper work. To show you exactly how much life can open to you and things can align. How everything hard and heartbreaking can cease to be an active storyline weaving its way through every corner of your experience, and instead, you can make magic in every moment, stacking it rapidly until your whole reality is truly transformed.

Stick around, friend.

We’re about to go on an incredible journey.

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