This January Cracked My Heart Open

January 25, 2023

Last January cracked my nervous system open when I reached a breaking point with so many aspects of myself and my life.

As a result, an immense amount of trauma began moving through me in an almost violent manner. I shook, trembled, and vibrated with intensity for days on end.

This January cracked my heart open in a way I can’t bring myself to name, not because I don’t know what to call it, but because I never thought I’d feel something as incredibly opening and expansive as it. And this time, the cracking didn’t happen because everything was coming apart at the seams; it happened because I really, truly healed. Because I spent the prior months digging deeper into my healing work and pulling out anything old, heartbreaking, and hard.

Contrast has long been a source of wisdom for me, and the stark difference (plus the significance of timing, experiences, and gifts) of these past two Januarys is far from lost on me.

If the last year taught me anything, it’s this:

Everything can change in an instant…

…for the better.

Your life and circumstances can be altered significantly and lastingly on the turn of a dime. We hear that more frequently on the side of, “don’t take life for granted; everything could change in an instant!” But we don’t hear it enough about the beautiful transformations that take us by surprise because of a single moment in time. A chance encounter, a clear decision, and a claiming of what you deeply desire. The setting of boundaries and leaning into the trust in your heart. A smile, a question, a choice. A decision. A left turn.

Not only can everything change in an instant, but you can—and that’s the key that we don’t truly understand until we experience it.

When you shift your way of being in the world, the world transforms. It actively starts reconfiguring around you at a rapid pace.

It’s not woo-woo or magical thinking; it’s the way our frequency-based Universe works.

I’ve been living these processes I teach more deeply for the last twelve months, and the transformations have been unlike anything before. I know in my bones that they work, and I continue to accrue evidence of that fact.

I can’t wait to share the stories of this season.

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