Your Life Can Change in an Instant

October 26, 2022

Your life can change in an instant.

The tide can turn, the right people and opportunities can appear, and every area that’s misaligned can click into place in an instant.

But we don’t focus on this truth.

We don’t believe it’s possible for us with our present circumstances.

So instead of operating from a paradigm that what we desire is possible and our circumstances can change rapidly, we move through the world with a baseline belief system that says, “I’m trapped where I am. Things are never going to change. Life will always be a struggle.”

And what happens when this is our worldview?

We default to our winning strategiesour tried and true ways of operating in life to stay as “safe, secure, and successful” as we’ve always been. We focus on the things we think are within our reach based on what’s been possible so far. We return to the toxic ex who “loved us,” so we don’t have to be alone. We stuff our faces with junk food because “we’re never going to get in shape.” We resign ourselves to the job we hate because “we can’t get a job anywhere else.”

But the truth is: our lives can change in an instant.

In fact, most things change in an instant.

Someone incredible shows up one random afternoon.

There’s an opening at a company we love that we’re perfect for.

We learn something new that will help us finally heal our body.

We hear about an opportunity that’s super aligned.

We get an invitation that lights a fire in our soul.

But if we’re too busy focusing on how hard and impossible the things we want are, our energy and attention are hooked back into old ways of being, trying to “win” at the things we’ve already proven we can do.

We don’t see the people or opportunities.

We don’t bother trying to apply or go after them.

We accept defeat and operate from a deeply limited paradigm.

Honestly, I get it.

I spent so much of my life believing what I wanted wasn’t possible. Defaulting to my winning strategies and going numb so I could get through the day-to-day. Trying to be grateful and fulfilled with relationships and situations that weren’t aligned—giving up on my goals because they were too hard or nothing was happening.

I get it.

And I know what becomes possible when we operate from a completely different paradigm.

When we change our lens and open ourselves to new ways of being and moving through the world. I know what’s possible when we do our more profound healing work so that we can step out of winning strategies altogether, creating massive leverage to create what we desire. I know what becomes possible when we decide that what we want is happening, and we move in expectation of receiving it.

The world opens to us.

And our lives begin to transform—rapidly and instantaneously.

We all want the easy button, especially with challenging circumstances that exhaust us at our core.

But there’s no easy button.

There’s only living the processes and doing the deeper work.

What’s something you deeply desire?

And if I told you it was 100% possible to have this thing you want, would you be willing to lean in and do the work? Would you be willing to experiment with living these processes and doing your deeper healing? Would it be worth the discomfort of growth and change?

You have nothing to lose by experimenting with this work (except for your anxiety, lack of fulfillment, and all the misaligned people and experiences weighing you down—which I know letting go of what’s known and familiar is scary and uncomfortable on its own).

You do have everything to gain.

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