It’s Time to Do Another Trust Fall

February 17, 2023

Trust fall.

Two words that flooded into my mind the other night while I wrestled with being stretched so exponentially.

As in, it’s time to do another trust fall. To surrender fully and allow myself to be deeply supported and divinely guided into what’s next.

To release my grip, eliminate all worry and doubt from my cells, and hold an unwavering belief in the reliability, truth, and strength of what’s around me. Particularly other people and life itself, along with deepening into the trust I have in my process—a process that works 100% of the time when I work it properly and live it wholeheartedly.

Trust is vital to making seemingly impossible things happen.

It’s a frequency of soft openness that permeates our being and expands our capacity to receive more.

In the fall of 2021, I learned to trust on an entirely new level after years of being closed, utterly terrified, and wholly resistant to how life was asking me to heal, grow, and open.

One day, when circumstances screamed that I definitely shouldn’t, I chose to trust fall. I didn’t just think, “I’m going to trust”; I actually settled into full surrender and released all worry and doubt from my being. I decided that fear wasn’t serving me and pushing wasn’t producing any worthwhile results, and instead, I flipped to unwavering faith in life.

I altered how I engaged with this world, and it reconfigured around me rapidly.

Because that’s how it works.

And the more I held steady in my faith and committed to total trust and surrender, the more life gave me a spectacular show.

I’m being stretched exponentially, and the tension in my body has been palpable and persistent, but as soon as I decided to say yes and trust fall, everything settled in my soul. I felt centered, calm, and clear, trusting and appreciative of the support already surrounding me. Expecting (with tremendous gratitude) magical moments and serendipitous experiences to flood in.

And they already have.

Just one day into my trust fall.

My friends, the stories from this season of my life are by far my favorite, and I cannot wait to share them. Soon. Hop on my email list below, we’re starting with an incredible new masterclass, and so much next-level goodness will unfold from there.

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