Rise Up and Make Your Comeback

We help catalyze individuals on their healing and growth journeys so they can uncover the purpose of their path, step into who they're here to be, and do the work they're here to do.

I’ve learned so much about what it means to truly rise up and come back from the darkest, hardest chapters of our lives. And it’s not just about coming back, it’s about what happens once you do because the journey has altered you deeply.

How do you now navigate your relationships, work, and sense of self? How do you reorient to the world around you in a way that serves your continual growth and honors the person you’ve become? How do you take all that you’ve uncovered and learned, the lessons and the gifts, and integrate them in a lasting way? And how do you actually step into what’s next? The work… new way of being… supportive relationships?

No matter what journey you’re on — healing from loss or heartbreak, depression, feeling lost, trauma, big life transitions, or even building a business and taking your life to a new level — our work is structured to help you understand the journey you’re walking so you can create a map that moves you into what’s next. 

Not only that, you can begin to uncover the purpose of this path, so that when you finally come full circle, you’ll know exactly how to integrate and act on the wisdom, lessons, and gifts you’ve gathered along the way.

Be sure to scroll down to learn more about our current offerings and how we can support you in rising up and making your comeback.

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Call of the Void™

Uncover the Purpose of Your Path. Use The Hero’s Journey as a tool to rise up and come back from the dark and hard chapters.

Weekly stories of rising up, coming back, and living our purpose in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions.

Awesome Life Tips®

Stephenie started writing her daily tips back in 2011 and they’ve since grown into a huge following and a series of daily tips books!

Programs for Healing + Growth

Foundations for Unshakable Joy

You'll rediscover who you are, uncover what you’re passionate about and, start building a life (possibly even a business) around it more rapidly than you thought possible. Without these foundational pieces in place, you won't be able to make the changes you want to make! Don’t set yourself up for failure through bypassing this process. I’ve made it easy to follow, implement and stay motivated.

Journey Mapping

Find healing and a new sense of wholeness, uncover the purpose of your path, and make the impossible happen in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions. The coaching, lessons, practices, and exercises in Journey Mapping are designed to help you identify where you're at in the process so you move through the stages with far more grace and ease — transform your life and step into what comes next on your terms.

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