Where You Feel Stuck Is the Key

October 4, 2022

I couldn’t have uncovered this bigger vision if I hadn’t committed to my deeper healing work.

And I mean… C O M M I T T E D.

I processed, deepened into my healing practices, and got support like my life depended on it.

I was stuck, stalled, stagnant, and depressed. Living out of alignment, staying too long in the wrong places and relationships. It made me physically sick and wholly disconnected from myself and my work.

But now?

Now things are wildly different.

Now things are deeply aligned and fulfilling.

Now I’m stepping into my fullest expression, healing my body and soul, and building something truly on-purpose.

Even a year ago, it would’ve been impossible for me to do what I’m doing now. Truly. I was far too attached to old ways of being. I was showing up for reasons rooted in trauma that I couldn’t see. It influenced what, how, and where I shared and kept me from seeing the bigger picture and possibilities.

It kept me stuck and small.

Now, I have more freedom and leverage to move differently, 100% detached from these old fears and traumas.

Now, I’m anchored in a vision for my life and work that feels more like me than anything that’s come before.

Now, I’m settled inside myself in ways that make it far more easeful to navigate the challenging, uncomfortable, and unknown aspects of bringing my visions to life. I don’t get stuck. I don’t self-sabotage.

This is why I’m so passionate about getting people to do this work.

The processes I teach work when you work them—when you commit to *living them* from a place of energetic alignment and full embodiment rather than just going through the motions. When you keep showing up, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it gets.

When you do this work, life begins working with you.

It begins responding to you and reconfiguring around you.

New possibilities and pathways become available to you.

What you want starts moving towards you.

Where you feel stuck is the key.

It tells you where you need to begin and where you’re blocked.

So… where do you feel stuck? Where do you need help? Where do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage?

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